Monkey Matters - Education Centre with daily English

About Monkey Matters

Daycares are well recognized as a Nursery where most children learn and start their future with education not only based on educational grounds but also developing skills and social awareness. We strive to teach children about lifelong growth and help them value their talents and interests, to be ambitious and to have aspirations for the future.

We take a modern step into the school system by using technology to carry out our daily syllabus. We strive to teach and create happy children. Our goal is to teach children about appreciating the surrounding world. We focus on the interests of your child and how to improve their talents. We provide education and care for each child and help them flourish their true personality. At the end of each semester, each child receives a portfolio with assignments and activities the child was involved in during the year to help keep track of your child’s development and improvements.

Monkey Matters is a new and modern English daycare with educational standards. We are a family-oriented daycare which allows parents to involve themselves within our program. We are a brand-new school located nearby the centre of Brno. Our entire program is in English and taught by native speakers. Carrying out daily routines in English aims for the children to build on English as a second language from an early age. We have a multi-cultural environment where any culture, race or religion can feel comfortable.

Our lunches are Gourmet and bio as goes for all snacks and foods. We have fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the whole day as well as juices, drinks, shakes, and teas. Every day we have exercises and stretches to keep our bodies in good health.


1. Mental Development, including life-long physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

2. Interest and Talents education as building relationships with people creating connections between ideas and the environment. Loving interest in and acceptance of each child.

3. Active Learning through activities, reading, storytelling, and problem-solving.

Beside from the skills gained in all these aspects, the most significant goal we want to reach is to let the children excel in every aspect of their lives, teach and give them all we have to offer. Our educational structure is modern and innovative with basic kindergarten standards with subjects such as Mathematics, Language Arts, and science, Physical Education, Health, Technology, and Social Studies. These subjects will be carried out in an age-appropriate manner and in a weekly program. Our themes and lessons will be inflow with the subjects.

  • Mental development, including physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth.
  • Interest and talents education as building relationships with people.
  • Creating connections between ideas and the environment.
  • Loving interest in and acceptance of each child.
  • Active learning through activities, reading, storytelling, and problem-solving.